Saturday, August 14, 2021

Farewell Mr. Bill, aka Billbo Baggins, aka Ohdabu daBill, aka many things

It's been a rough week. We said goodbye to our oldest cat, Mr. Bill, and helped him peacefully cross the rainbow bridge. 

Our beloved family cat, who had oodles of wonderful quirks and personality — moments that will have us reminiscing and laughing as family for years — was a big contributor to Papergreat, too. (He also starred in a Twitter thread gently mocking his silly sleeping positions this year.)

Longtime readers have seen him plenty of times. There was a Christmas cats photo gallery. And, perhaps most notably — and nearly 10 years ago — Mr. Bill appeared in Happy Halloween: Witches and zombies and scarecrows! Oh my! He was my Halloween front-yard decoration co-conspirator in that one. It's the first image below in a "tribute reel" for Billy.
Circa 2012. From left: Mr. Bill, Salem and Huggles. In the foreground: Mitts. All four of them are now hanging out together again, in the warm sunbeams.

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