Friday, October 6, 2017

Farewell Coby, the greatest goldendoodle

This was Coby last week. He always took a good picture.

Yesterday, we bid a sad but peaceful farewell to our superb family dog, Coby, who was with us for nearly 14 years.

He spanned almost the entirety of Ashar's life. They were young, energetic tots together. He walked with him to and from the bus stop almost every morning and afternoon throughout the elementary school years. He slept faithfully outside his bedroom door every night for nearly a decade, until he could no longer do stairs. He loved the snow. And there were many, many, many great walks over the years; we eventually transitioned from Coby eagerly pulling and yanking us all over the place to us intentionally walking very slowly so that Coby could keep up on his failing legs. His favorite sound in the world was a tie between Ashar's voice and the jangling noise that the metal part of his leash made when it was time for a walk.

His final couple of years were especially tough, but he was always a Good Boy.

We will be fondly remembering Coby stories and moments throughout the rest of our lifetimes; so he truly was a friend and companion that keeps on giving.

One nice little story is that Coby — the friendliest darn dog you'll ever meet — spent most of his life around cats who either hissed at him or wouldn't give him the time of day. Typical cats, in other words. But I knew there were plenty of households in which dogs and cats are BFFs, and I always thought it would have made Coby happy, especially in his old age, to have feline buddy.

Well, that had a happy ending. Over the past few months, our newest cat, Mr. Angelino (aka Mystery, aka Mr. A or Banjo), who was initially the most irrationally fearful of Coby, became his nap-time buddy. Here's just one of the numerous times that they curled up together for some Z's.

And Coby would get up very carefully, so as not to disturb his friend.

Too many previous pet goodbyes


  1. Such a sweet pup. Wish I'd had the pleasure of knowing him.

    1. He would have "lurved" you, and vice versa. :)

  2. This was a wonderful tribute. He was, indeed, a Very Good Boy.