Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Roll, roll, roll in ze hay
Roll, roll, do it all day

Hay there! This old postcard is copyright 1910 and was published by The Cargill Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We see four youthful lads and lasses hanging out in the hay, and the caption states "Two Pair Beat Three of a Kind."

This card was postmarked on March 29, 1913, in the tiny town of Guilford, located deep in central Maine. It was addressed to Henrietta M. Clark of Greenville, Maine, which is located about 26 miles north of Guilford.1

The note, written in pencil and cursive, states:
Friday Mar 28
I got home all right. Geo was at the Station. He did not go Tues it rained so only one of the men have come yet. They expect the others to day. Phyllis says thank you for the candy from Emma [?]
The note is signed with one or two initials that I just cannot make out.

1. The trip from Guildford to Greenville takes you through Abbot Village, Monson Junction, Moosehorn, and Monson.

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  1. A certain Henrietta Clark graduated from the Greenville High School in Greenville, Maine in June, 1924. Source:

    That would put her date of birth in or about 1906. Could this be the same Henrietta Clark? See:

    If this is the same Henrietta Clark, then she would have not yet been seven years old when this postcard was mailed; considering the content of the postcard, that doesn't seem likely.

    Then again, there's more than one Henrietta Clark in Maine. See:

    With the ubiquity and pervasiveness of the Internet, will ephemerologists of the future face the same ambiguity?

    -- M.F.