Friday, October 8, 2021

Mystery snapshot: A girl, a carriage and a carved pumpkin

Here's a fun relic. This old photograph, 4½ inches wide, shows a little girl (maybe around 3 years old?) with a baby carriage that has a friendly-looking jack-o'-lantern hanging from the side. Presumably, the girl's baby doll is inside the carriage. But we can't rule out muskrats. 

She's bundled up fairly well, so it's not hard to imagine it's late October somewhere in the northern United States. And, indeed, the stamp on the back of the photograph indicates that his was printed by McMillen Photo Finishers at the corner of Cummings Street and Gilmore Avenue in Winona, Minnesota.

Alas, there's no other information on the back, so this will likely remain a Halloween-themed mystery for eternity.

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