Friday, August 26, 2022

RPPC: 1913 Coquille High School girls basketball team

This real photo postcard from more than a century ago features the five members of the 1912-1913 girls basketball team at Coquille High School in Oregon. The basketball on the front has 1912 written on it, and two notations on the back state that it's the 1913 team. 

The AZO stamp box on the back of the card has three triangles pointing upward and one triangle (in the lower right) pointing downward, which means, according to, that the blank card was printed in 1911; there must have been a window during which they could be used.

The card was never mailed, but this is the note written in cursive on the back:
Hello Harry,
This is our Record breaking team. They aren't such a bad looking bunch are they? Wish you would drop me a card just once. 
Was Stella one of those five team members? Or a coach or someone at the high school? What record did the team break? 

To try to find out more, I found the 1913 Coquille High School yearbook, The Laurel, on The yearbook's editor-in-chief is listed as "Urqurart Adams," which is an unfortunate typo. As in, it's unfortunate when you're in charge and your own name is spelled wrong on the first page. His name is Urquhart Adams.

The bad news is that there's no mention in the yearbook of a girls basketball team. The boys basketball team, however, gets a three-page spread for its undefeated 6-0 season. Interestingly, the coach was Harry Oerding. Is that the same Harry that the card is written to? 

The school had a very small student population. Looking at some of the photos, I think I can spot some members of the girls basketball team. What do you think? I have some thoughts/guesses, but I don't want to influence anyone's analysis.

First up are seniors Ruth Woodford and Mae Lund, followed by the junior, sophomore and freshman class photos and captions.

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