Friday, April 21, 2023

Cat postcard & cat tale from
a war-weary Ukrainian

I recently received this Postcrossing postcard from Andriy in Dnipro, Ukraine, whose interests include archaeology, antiques, pirates and outdoor activities.

He penned his note to me in early March and wrote:
Hello, this is incredible, I have had this original card from the 70s for a year, and as if waiting for you. ... A little about myself. My name is Andriy. I also love cats very much. I have several of them, and they are very hard going through the war and bombing that we have almost every day.
That's it. There isn't much room to write on postcards. But this one succinctly notes the bond we share through a love a cats and the daily heartbreak of Putin's criminal war upon the innocent people, and animals, of Ukraine. 

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