Wednesday, May 17, 2023

2014 snapshots from Geppi's Entertainment Museum

In February 2014, Joan, Ashar and I took a trip to Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. I snapped a lot of photos with an iPhone 5C and, for a long time afterward, I was planning to put together a dandy post for Papergreat about all the cool ephemera that was showcased there behind protective glass.

But the post never materialized. Maybe it was because I didn't like the quality of the smartphone pictures that I took of objects behind glass in a dark museum. And then, sadly, Geppi's closed its doors for good in June 2018, with most of its contents being donated to the Library of Congress.

So today, more than nine years after our visit, here are some photos from this now-vanished museum of American pop culture. In addition to the Creature from the Black Lagoon, items featured include Captain Marvel (aka Shazam), Star Trek, Dick Tracy, McDonald's and more.

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