Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Little green library in Mesa, Arizona

We don't have many Little Free Libraries in the rural area of Florence/Coolidge where we live. But the sprawling Phoenix/Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler/Tempe metroplex has many such community book exchanges in business districts and residential areas.

We visited this nice one, dubbed a "Little green library," in Mesa last weekend. We didn't have any books to add to it, but it was pretty stuffed, so I think that was OK. I took this worn copy of Mooch the Messy, a 1976 "I Can Read!" children's book by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (1928-2019) of Nate the Great fame and illustrator Ben Shecter

Mooch the Messy has very positive ratings on Goodreads and Amazon and seems to be fondly remembered. Mooch cleans up his untidy dwelling to make his father happy during a visit. But once father is gone, he reverts to comfortable messiness. "I like to see all my things," said Mooch. In the end, he makes himself a cup of cocoa and relaxes amid his "bunched up" sheets and blankets. Good for Mooch!

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  1. I think Mooch appeared on a recent episode of "Hoarders".