Thursday, January 18, 2024

Farewell Titan, aka Titanoboa,
aka T-Dog Terwillinger

It's been a sad week. We had to say goodbye to Titan yesterday and helped him cross the rainbow bridge. Fortunately, we were able to do it at home, so he was in his familiar surroundings, around loved ones. He was 8, or maybe 10. We have little idea, really. We adopted him in the summer of 2018, and he was already very fully grown. (His name fit him well.) He had been at several stops before us, but never permanent ones, because he's always been a problematic cat, one way or the other. But we accepted him fully, problems and all.

He started as a TNR'd feral cat and had the tipped ear to prove it, but this was not an outdoor cat with outdoor cat skills. Or indoor skills, really. He drooled and ate and took naps, during which he snored. He peed where he wasn't supposed to. Often. But he was also incredibly friendly and gentle. Visitors loved him, probably because he happily galloped over to them as soon as they came in the door. Eventually, some people just started coming to visit Titan, not necessarily us. 

As we accumulated kittens in the past two years, Titan was our go-to cat for introducing the kittens to the adult cats. He accepted them all, and they used him as a big pillow for their naps. 

Here's the very nice tribute that Ashar wrote on Instagram:
"You were the gentlest giant who thought that he was just a wee tiny baby. You loved getting sink drink which usually involved you getting drenched. You loved to cuddle and sit with us. You made us laugh with your ridiculous laying positions. You chripped when you purred which sounded a lot like a tribble from Star Trek. You loved rolling around outside. You enjoyed food. Most of all you also managed to cheer people up and everyone loved you. You were such a good boy.

"You will forever be remembered in our hearts. We love you Titan."
Above: Titan and Mr. Bill.
Above: Titan the work-from-home pandemic helper cat #1.
Above: Titan the work-from-home pandemic helper cat #2.
Above: Titan meeting Autumn
Above: Titan napping with Bandit
Above: Titan eating from Big Boi's plate this week while Big Boi sits nearby (it's a long story)
Some final outside time this week.

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