Monday, January 8, 2024

Spacing out with Brad Steiger in Switzerland

While researching the post about Brad Steiger's Strangers from the Skies last summer, I came across a Goodreads review for another one Steiger's books that made me laugh.

The reviewer, Documentally, was writing in 2022 about Steiger's Mysteries of Time and Space, which was first published in 1974. He wrote:

"I picked this up off a shelf in a Swiss mountain hut while working as a Pastore in 1999. According to my journal it was 20th of July and I read it in one sitting. The cows were behaving and there was little else to do.

"It sounded like I enjoyed it. I loved Brad's daring predictions from 1974. I especially liked his writings on how important it is to be childlike and not childish. That it's important to realise you can fashion reality.

"I was also pretty stoned on that particular day and this might have assisted in my appreciation of his book. For that reason I have given it 4 stars."

Documentally has a Substack, if you want to check out more of his writing. It's described as "A human authored journal in search of novelty, exploring what we share, how we share, and where we’re going." Sounds like it shares a lot in common with Papergreat, with the big difference being that I rarely leave home anymore. Also, I'm more of a sak√© guy.

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