Saturday, May 28, 2011

Catching up on reader comments

Here are some comments and updates from readers regarding previous Papergreat posts:
  • Advertisements from 1920 issue of Hoard's Dairyman: Hoard's checks in, just to say, "Of course we're still around! Thank you for sharing." Check out the Hoard's Facebook page.
  • Plenty of projects in Pack-o-Fun: Unfortunately, however, Pack-O-Fun, which published its first issue in 1951, has packed it in. Representatives posted this comment on Facebook: "Sadly, Pack-o-Fun ended it's [sic] run as a stand-alone publication with the February 2011 issue. Pack-o-Fun can now be found in it's [sic] sister publication, Crafts 'n things, a general crafting, how-to publication. Visit for more info! ... Remaining issues on subscriptions of Pack-o-Fun are transferred to Crafts 'n things magazine. For more information, call our Customer Service department at (800) 572-6885. Thanks!"
  • Delving into Henry K. Wampole & Company: This popular post keeps drawing comments. Anonymous writes: "My fiancĂ© and I found a TON of old glass bottles off a trail in the woods of Oxford, GA this afternoon. We dug about twenty bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors out of piles of dirt and leaves. (you'd have thought we struck gold by our excitement! ) one of these bottles was the typical Wampole & co. Bottle. Thanks for providing information! Your blog has been super helpful!"
  • Saturday's postcard: "Unusually High Tide": I was a bit off on my guess regarding the date of the picture used for this postcard. I guessed the late 1960s. But representatives of The Marine Room wrote on their Facebook page: "Thanks for posting! You can also check out the original black and white photo from 1949 under our Events tab for our upcoming High Tide Dinners..." Indeed, here is the Summer High Tides 2011 schedule and the same image from the postcard.
  • An old receipt from F.W. Behler: Blake Stough, who writes Stauchistory's Blog, a fantastic York County history blog, discovered the following: "Interesting find. F.W. Behler was a distant cousin of mine, although I do not have much on him in my family research. F.W.'s uncle, Elias Behler, is my 2nd great-grandfather, and a Civil War veteran. I have my grandparents photograph collection, and am wondering if any of the old unidentified photographs are of F.W.?"
  • Old Dinosaur Illustration of the Day: Ken writes: "Mr. Northrop wrote many a strange book back in the late 1800's.1 Chris - I share your interest in ephemera, both my partner and I do. Lately I've been on a roll finding some of the strangest books I've ever seen, and the illustrations in them, the steel engravings, are the stuff of nightmares. One wonders how some of this was ever published.. ... I'll be watching you. Oh - are you on Facebook?" Answer: No, Papergreat is not on Facebook yet. But I've been weighing the pros and cons and might do something later this year.
  • Saturday's postcard: Hotel Statler in Buffalo For more information on Hotel Statler, I encourage you to check out the comments section on the original April 23 post. It turns out that there were some interesting developments regarding that building around that same time that I was blogging about that old postcard.
1. Here's a link with a partial list of works by Henry Davenport Northrop.

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