Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mystery solved: Dietz's Lawn and Garden Store

There will be a new "From the Notepad" post coming next week. But before that one is published, we can wrap up the mystery of the last sheet of paper that was highlighted here.

The notepad sheet pictured at right is from Dietz's Lawn and Garden Store, located one mile north of Stony Brook at R.D. 7 in York, Pennsylvania. At the bottom of the sheet is this "Pappy says" tidbit: "Garden Tractors, Hand and Power Mowers bought from us are backed by service to give customers satisfaction. Consult us about your lawn and garden problems."

I basically cried uncle back in early April and admitted that I couldn't find anything about the history of Dietz's. I turned things over to my fabulous wife Joan and her "Ask Joan" feature on "Only in York County."

And boy, did "Ask Joan" deliver!

For the lowdown on Dietz's from Joan and her many readers, check out her May 13 blog entry: "A special Ask Joan follow-up on Dietz's Lawn and Garden Center." And be sure to read all the comments, too. It's great stuff. The grandson of "Pappy" even shares his memories.

There's nothing like crowdsourcing the answers to tough ephemera questions!

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