Monday, July 11, 2011

Some miscellaneous Monday morning ephemera

Here are a few unrelated pieces I have floating around...

I was about to toss out the torn and soiled dust jacket of 1944's "No Time to Kill" by George Harmon Coxe, but then the back of it caught it my eye. Here's a portion of the Triangle Books illustration touting the joy of books and reading, scanned for posterity:

Here are a pair of blank reader response cards from inside the Abingdon Press books "The Philosophy of War and Peace" and "Kagawa of Japan":

Here's the cover of an undated advertising brochure for Martin Mahony & Brothers, Limited, of Blarney, Ireland:

And here's an advertisement for Kruger pistols1 (just $3!) from the June 1954 issue of The American Legion Magazine. (That same magazine will also provide the content for tomorrow's smokin' baseball-themed post.)

1. Here's some info about the Kruger .12 caliber pistol from a message board:
The ".14mg powder charge" was a regular paper cap, and the "bullet" was No.5 shot. They did work after a fashion. I have one I bought not long ago for $6 at an antique store.

One influence they had was that many folks ordered one thinking they were full size and real guns, and were disappointed and angry. Later, another gun was advertised with a similar name and appearance, again obviously a fake playing on the famous "Luger." Quite a few people refused to buy it, sure that it was just another plastic toy like the Kruger. In spite of that, quite a few were sold. The second fake Luger was called the "Ruger."

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