Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some selections from the "Papergreat" archives

If you're new to Papergreat or want to catch up on some groovy older posts you might have missed, here are some suggestions from the archives:

History & Ephemera
Restoring telephone service after Hurricane Hazel in 1954
Illustrations of Pennsylvania's orphanages, circa 1880
Bond Clothes notepad, a swing glossary and old pigskin records
The books and papers of Elbert Nostrand Carvel, Part 1
An evening with labor activist Sam Scarlett
A family history told through newspaper blurbs
An old copy of The Herbalist Almanac
Delving into Henry K. Wampole & Company
An old receipt from F.W. Behler (and its followup post)
American flag history, compliments of Leinbach & Bro. in Reading
Guy Brown Wiser, artist and World War I aviator
Coupons from the E.H. Koester Bakery Co.
Old geography book doodles, Part 1 and Part 2

Rome and Milan in black and white
Nieuwmarkt and the Waag in Amsterdam
The dancing pavilion at Hazelden
Fiskargränd in Visby, Sweden
Kozy Kabin Service Station & Kafe

Goofy stuff
Why don't I ever stumble across Nicolas Cage vampire ephemera?
Selections from the 1967 Top Value Stamps catalog
Old Dinosaur Illustration of the Day
Morris didn't fare much worse than Louie Youngkeit
Saturday's postcard: Sun Valley Lodge and physical cosmologies (a post about "The Shining")

Doll fads of 1960 (Lada Draskovic, Part 1)
From the Notepad (Lada Draskovic, Part 2)
Birthday gift from the Class of 1943-44
Mystery photos inside "Helen of the Old House"
Old photo stirs up a blizzard of mystery

The Yard Sale Series
Part 1: Mister Rogers and How to Meet Men
Part 2: Pals Club activity book
Part 3: Painting, baseball and Pac-Man
Part 4: This and that ... and Scott Baio!
Part 5: Is this Dondi the elephant?
Part 6: Safe journeys, Quizmo and a lion

Baseball Tuesdays (a summer series)
1973 Spartanburg Phillies program
Slats Marion, baseball's best shortstop
Collection of Phillies ticket stubs
John Doll's 1929 baseball predictions
Down memory lane with 1983 Topps Baseball Sticker Album
An all-star lineup of Camel smokers from 1954

Also, I'm a big fan of children's author Ruth Manning-Sanders. Check out my many posts on her life and works.

Happy reading! I'll be back with a new post tonight.

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  1. I am one of the readers who learned about your site today through the NY Times link. Thanks for maintaining this virtual museum!