Friday, September 30, 2011

Reader comments: Stamps, stamps, stamps and chickens

Time for another batch of reader comments from previous Papergreat posts!

Selections from the 1967 Top Value Stamps catalog: This post from back in May has draw some fresh attention in recent weeks. I guess, in this economy, lots of folks are trying to find out if they still get something in exchange for those old stamps!
  • Mel Kolstad of Ephemeraology writes: "Holy smokes! I've got a lot of Green Stamps, but I think I'd rather keep them than trade 'em in for greenpoints (with inflation, I'd probably need about a million of them for that toy switchboard anyway)!"
  • Anonymous writes: "Do you know if Top Value stamps can be redeemed anywhere? I know S&H no longer accepts them - wondering if some place else does?" ... Great question. Does anyone have any answers to this one?
  • Anonymous writes: "Wow, just going through some of my Mom's stuff and found these books of stamps. S&H, Family Stamps and Top Value stamps. I also found the Idea Book '75, from S&H. Surprisingly a lot of things have not changed. The biggest changes I found were in the TVs and radios. Oh and colors!"
Doll fads of 1960: romans wrotes: "Gosh, thanks for your blog! This is a memory from childhood, now I know what to call it. Hanging beside it was a rubber shrunken head, hanging from the basement light fixture in my uncle's room - I was fascinated by both." ... Wow. Shrunken heads hanging from light fixtures and baby dolls hanging from the rafters of abandoned buildings. Papergreat is getting kind of creepy!

100th anniversary of Bingham "rediscovering" Machu Picchu: Daniel Buck writes: "Atahualpa's lost ransom, catnip for countless dreamers and schemers -- among the schemers, Augusto Berns. Doubtful, though, Berns ever set foot in Machu Picchu: 'Atahualpa's Ransom & Other Treasure Fables' Daniel Buck, Peruvian Times, Lima, Peru, 26 August 2011."

Papergreat's star-studded 200th post (plus some chickens): Anonymous writes: "Oddly, I was in the kids' area at the Knoxville Zoo today and saw a chicken I described as a 'Beatles' chicken. I Googled that, and your site came up.1 Turns out (I broke down and asked) that they are Polish roosters. Google and you will see. Side note: I went to that World of Illusions in Gatlinburg to see R2D2 in like 1983. It hasn't changed since then."

1. I always enjoy checking out what Google search terms lead people to Papergreat. Today, for example, the following search terms have brought people to the blog: "wampole philadelphia," "copper plate engraving mermaid," "1960's cocktail lounge" (which could be any of three different posts), "1960s beauty parlor," and, yes, "hang baby."

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  1. Your readers' comments are as fabulous as the posts themselves (and I'm not just saying that because you so very thoughtfully included my comment in with the rest of these doozies)! :D