Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday's postcard: Oh, You Kid, I've Got My Fingers Crossed!

Today's old postcard is full of weirdness and mystery. The front features a scene of a police officer and three "women" sitting on a bench. The "women" appear somewhat distressed and the police officer seems to be taken aback.

There's also a circular logo for Gaumont. This might be a reference to Gaumont Film Company, and I think there's a good chance that this postcard is displaying an image from one of that company's early films or shorts.

The back of the postcard reveals the following information:
  • It was postmarked in York, Pennsylvania, in 1910.
  • It was addressed to Mr. Ray Barr, c/o Lochers Drug Store, Lancaster, Pa.
  • The short note on the postcard reads: "How are you. Be good. Give my regards to everybody. Remember (?) me to your wife. Ross. 31 E. King St. York, Pa."
While that postcard message is about as dull as they come, it's interesting to note the address of the sender -- 31 East King Street in York. In 1910, that was the address of The Gazette, which later became The Gazette and Daily, which later became the York Daily Record, which later became the newspaper I work for -- the York Daily Record/York Sunday News.1

I also found a handful of online references to Locher's Drug Store, including this wonderful advertisement for cough syrup that's archived in the Miami University Libraries' digital Victorian Trade Card Collection.

Finally, I twice referred to the figures on the bench in the postcard as "women." I'm pretty sure that those are men dressed in drag. Take a closer look, tell me what you think, and pass along any further leads you might have about this card and its history.

1. Editor Jim McClure chronicles the history and evolution of the newspaper on York Town Square.

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