Wednesday, May 23, 2012

QSL cards: Cats, monkeys and Hartford, Connecticut

Day 3 of the QSL cards takes us into the animal kingdom.

Above: This cute KCG-2891 card shows a cat holding a mirror that presumably features Edith Becker of Alexandria, Virginia. It was printed by the CBC club of Lexington, North Carolina.

Above: There's an umbrella-carrying kitty cat on this XM632979 card for Murray and Juanita Longmire of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. The QSL card, which is dated 1968 on the back, indicates that "Wanda & Donna" provide the background music. I wonder if Wanda and Donna were their cats.

Above: This nifty QSL card was drawn and colored by hand. It is the KJY2218 card for Carrie and Jessie Hayes of Cut Off, Louisiana. There is a cat or baby tiger labeled "Pappy Hayes" and a fairy labeled "Mammy Hayes." On the back of the card is a red stamp for the Oregon Trail QSL Swap Club.

Above: On to the monkeys, which are featured on this KNH-9121 card for Robert and Catherine Payne of Joplin, Missouri. There's a monkey sitting by the radio and the slogan: "Don't [Monkey] Around, Give Us A Call." Also noted are the "Little Paynes" -- Jacque, Joyce and Jim. This card was printed by Mosbaugh Printing of Joplin.

Above: Finally, here's a QSL card that my scanner doesn't do justice to, in terms of its true color. The actual card is bright green. It's the KBA7589 card for Charles H. Veysey of Hartford, Connecticut. This one, which was originally mailed in 1962, is neat because the front side has all of the information that is typically noted by the sender on the reverse side, including:
Come back for more QSLs tomorrow!

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