Friday, May 25, 2012

International QSLs: Germany, Sweden, Argentina and Guernsey

To finish off this week's series on QSL cards, here are five from outside the United States.

Above: This DF 7ID card features an image of the Big Blue Marble. The call sign belonged to Walter Kantwerg of Karlsruhe, West Germany.1 According to the back of the card, Walter confirmed reception of a signal on October 26, 1981.

Above: This is the SM6LWH QSL card for Hans Palmqvist of Varberg, Sweden.2 Varberg's most famous attraction is Varberg Fortress, which dates to about 1300 and might or might not have a small monster in its moat. Anyway, Hans filled out this card on September 24, 1981, and added this note: "TNX BILL FOR NICE QSO."

Above: This is the LU4FDM card for Manuel E. De Vita of Rosario, Argentina.3 The back of this card, which -- like the previous card -- is addressed to "Bill," was filled out on November 9, 1981. It also features a stamp for Radio Club Rosario.

Above: Here's another one from Germany. This DJ9EA card is for W. Steinbacher of Aschaffenburg. The building shown in the illustration is Schloss Johannisburg, a castle that dates to the early 1600s. The back of this card is dated February 1968.

Above: Finally, to wrap up QSL week, here's the GU5DPR QSL card for Charles Thys, who lives in Jerbourg Point, Guernsey.4 The back of this card, pictured at right, has all kinds of neat stuff. The radio contact was made on December 27, 1981. The QSL card was sent by air mail to Illinois with a 20-pence Guernsey stamp. And someone (presumably Charles Thys) wrote this note:
"Dear Bill thanks nice QSO. Can you not send advertising (?) of SOLAR ENERGY PANELS?"
1. Fun fact: It is speculated that Karlsruhe was used as the model for the layout of Washington, D.C.
2. Fun fact: Varberg was famously described as the least appealing city in Sweden in 1826.
3. Fun fact: Rosario has an asteroid named after it.
4. Not entirely fun fact: The Bailiwick of Guernsey, a British Crown dependency, is in the grouping known as the Channel Islands. It is not a part of the United Kingdom or the European Union. Got all that? It's a bailiwick!


  1. Charles Thys is 80 years old and lives in Rwanda now.

  2. Hi Charles Thys, my father, passed away in Rwanda on the 15th of January 2021 of covid related complications