Tuesday, May 22, 2012

QSLs: Stoneham, New Brunswick, Attleboro, Lexington, Bridgewater

It's Day 2 of this week's showcase of QSL cards from the 1960s.

Above: This is the KDY 8070 card for Lee and Russ Amari of Stoneham, Massachusetts. The artwork was done by Dick Morehouse, and Striper, Robin and Mittens would seem to refer to the fish, bird and cat pictured here. The card was printed by Littlefield Press of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Perhaps an amateur radio enthusiast out there could tell us what "Mon. 16" and "All 23" on this QSL card refer to.

Above: This is the XM65218 QSL card for Bob and Phyllis Glenn. They are from Chipman, a small village in New Brunswick, Canada. On the back of the card is this message, written in cursive:
Hi Jimmy,
Received your card via KOA8006 Jim & Arlene Smith, East Freetown, Mass. Thanks for card.
Bob & Phyllis

Above: This is the KIO8660 card for "Bigmouth" and "Oldlady" of Attleboro, Massachusetts. It features Andy and Flo of the Andy Capp comic strip.1

There's another "All 23" reference. My best guess is that it refers to the standard number of channels on a CB radio at the time.

Above: This is the KOK-3443 card for Brenda Bailey of Lexington, North Carolina. The cartoon card was printed by CBC club of that same city.

Above: Finally, this is the KGO-2658 card for "The Cowboy" of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The card contains logos for:
  • Miracle QSL Swap Club of Michigan
  • Space Chasers of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
  • PISS (which, according to the back of the card, is "Prairie International Skip Shooters")2
1. Andy Capp has changed quite a bit since his 1957 debut. For example, he no longer smokes or beats his wife.
2. The creature in the PISS logo looks like it was inspired by Maurice Sendak.


  1. > "All 23" reference

    Yes, there were 23 channels available for the Citizens Band Radio Service until the late 70's/early 80's.

    > printed by CBC club

    CBC Club sold QSL cards nationwide, probably the largest printer of cards in the country.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate your comments and insight regarding these QSL cards.