Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday's Japanese postcards:
Two Otsu-e and two moonlit nights

Back in February, I wrote about a Japanese postcard featuring an Otsu-e painting of an oni with a shamisen. If most of those words just went right over your head, and you can go read that older post to catch up on all the background and see the comic folklore demon.

Here are two more postcards from that series featuring Otsu-e paintings:

Aren't those illustrations great? I wonder if I should consider changing my Beaming Boy avatar (currently used on Twitter and Facebook) to one of those more dramatic faces?

Meanwhile, I am also presenting two gorgeous Japanese postcards of moonlit scenes. First up is a night view of Yasaka Pagoda (also known as Hokan-ji Temple) in Kyoto.

And here is an illustrated postcard of the waterfront Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), also in Kyoto. This colorful postcard actually doesn't do justice to the real site. You should check out the Wikipedia photo gallery of this famed Zen Buddhist temple.

These previous Papergreat posts also feature postcards of Japan:

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