Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Try a whiskey sour at Montpelier Tavern

Pictured above is the front of a blue folding card that would have been placed on a table or on the bar at the Montpelier (Vermont) Tavern. It suggests that patrons try a whiskey sour. I'm assuming that the winking face is supposed to be a lemon. A lemon with huge, disturbing eyelashes.

The card and the pamphlet shown at right probably date to the mid 1940s.1 Interestingly, it does not appear that the Montpelier Tavern is still around — at least not under that name — even though it was a fairly swanky establishment. (Yes, I just used the word "swanky.")

If anyone in Vermont can provide some more details about the fate of the tavern, that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some excerpts about the tavern and surrounding tourism opportunities from the pamphlet:
  • "Although the Tavern has been here since 1826, it has recently been entirely rebuilt and enlarged with the addition of new rooms."
  • "European Plan — moderate rates."2
  • "Comfortable beds with modern mattresses and springs — colorful woolen blankets and fine rugs — give a homelike atmosphere. Writing desks, restful chairs, and plenty of lamps contribute to perfect relaxation.3 Every room has a private bath or running hot and cold water, and also a telephone."
  • "Montpelier is centrally located and within easy driving distance of the many summer camps for boys and girls at Roxbury, Vermont, Lake Dunmore, Vermont, and Fairlee, Vermont."4
  • "The famous Barre Granite Quarry district is only a few miles from Montpelier. Visitors will enjoy seeing these impressive Quarries. Guides are provided for visitors by the following Barre Granite Quarries:
    • J.K. PIRIE
    • E.L. SMITH

1. These two pieces are part of the Linda Durkos Collection, which is described in this February post.
2. "European plan" means the price quoted is for lodging only. All meals are billed separated. Read more about various plans on Expedia's website.
3. Lamps = relaxation?
4. Fairlee, Vermont, and its lake were previously mentioned in these two posts:

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