Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Greetings: "The candy will come before long."

Happy 2013!

For the first piece of ephemera of the year, I have an old postcard that was printed in Germany and published by J.B. & Co.

It's postmarked December 27, 1916.1

The card was mailed from Galena, Illinois, (located in the extreme northwest tip of the state) to Truman, Wisconsin. Truman is an unincorporated area within the town of Kendall, Wisconsin.2 Galena and Truman are about 30 miles apart.

The message on the postcard, from Helene, reads:
"The candy will come before long. I'm too busy having a good time."
I wonder what the Finks thought of that.

1. I had to scrounge around a little bit. But I found something else that happened on December 27, 1916. Efrem Zimbalist and his wife, Alma Gluck (pictured at right), made a number of Victor recordings, including "Massa's in da cold, cold ground" and "Old Black Joe" by violinist Zimbalist and "Sweet and Low," "Der Spielmann," and "Roses in June" by soprano Gluck.
2. Kendall only had about 320 residents in the 2000 census. It is located within Lafayette County, which also has locations named Argyle, Cuba City, Hazel Green, New Diggings, Avon, Elk Grove, Etna, Five Corners, Lead Mine, Meekers Grove, and Red Rock.


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    1. I think we clearly need a Papergreat-sponsored road trip to southern Wisconsin in 2013. According to this website: "New Diggings is one of Wisconsin's oldest towns. The General Store & Inn is the real deal, not a new building made to look old, but an 1844 structure. We also have two churches, a few houses and aound 50 people. And since 1844 the Original General Store & Inn, our place, has always been a tavern among other things. It's a destination that's worth the trip! Benton, Shullsburg, Scales Mound, Cuba City, Hazel Green Wisconsin, Dubuque Iowa, and East Dubuque Illinois all have great taverns and restaurants with fun people and good times." SEE MORE: http://www.newdiggs.com/