Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 more marvelous meat treats from 1952 issue of Woman's Day

On the heels of the Underwood Deviled Ham advertisement earlier this week, here are 10 more ads for meat products from the May 1952 Woman's Day.

Swift's Prem

This was Swift's version of Spam. If you make Martha Logan's Cowpuncher Casserole, let us know how it was. (Also, for more on Swift's Meat Power, check out this January 2012 post.)

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee beef ravioli

Three still-familiar Hormel canned meats

Oscar Mayer Can O'Beef
with Sack O'Barbecue Sauce

What the heck? Apparently, there was a separate little bag (sack) of sauce inside the can.

Visking sausages

The varieties included liver sausage, New England ham sausage, bologna, cooked salami and cervelat (a mixture of beef, bacon and pork rind packed into zebu intestines).

Taylor Pork Roll

And Swift doesn't want us to forget about meat for babies

Finally, some Thrivo for man's best friend

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  1. I believe all this canned and processed stuff was still purchased and used alot in the 50s because of World War II. Fresh food was often not available so canned food was all we had..and we had to make the best of it. So the advertizers did their best, I guess!