Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Artsy photos from an old northern York County cemetery

I took these photos back in early December, while Joan and I were on an afternoon outing. (Doesn't every couple drive around to old cemeteries on lazy afternoons?) The tiny cemetery is located along Alpine Road in Warrington Township, York County, along the edge of Gifford Pinchot State Park. Papergreat reader Jo Ott first suggested that we check this place out last April, when I posted a trio of cemetery photos.

Per various sources, this graveyard is known as:
  • Alpine Road Cemetery
  • Bender Burial Ground
  • Benders Burial Ground
  • Maytown-Bender Cemetery
  • Alpine (Benders) Cemetery

I went there as a photographer, rather than a historian or genealogist. Others have done a good job of compiling information about this site, which dates to the late 18th century. If that's what you're interested in, you should check out:

Also, there's a Bender Burial Ground gallery on Flickr featuring photos that are much better than mine.

Here are my photos.

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