Friday, February 1, 2013

Three vintage Valentine's Day cards

People are already gearing up for Valentine's Day, which is less than two weeks away now. One way I know this: The top two search terms leading people to Papergreat in the past month have been "vintage valentine" and "vintage valentines cards."1

So I wanted to give readers (and web surfers) more than just last year's Valentine post to check out as the holiday approaches. Here are some more vintage cards — small and perfect, not billboard-sized and covered with lace and foil, like the kind you find new in card stores today.

Here are three more from my modest collection:

Above: "All Steamed Up To Be Your Valentine." Made in U.S.A. Pencil inscription on the back states "To Thelma From Opal." This one is my favorite from today's lot.

Above: "Will You Be My Valentine." Printed in Germany. Only 1⅞ inches across. No inscription.

Above: "To one I love." Made in Germany. Pencil inscription on the back states "Wilma" and, under that, "Mrs. Putman."

1. Other top recent search terms leading to Papergreat include:
  • toledo spain
  • map of poconos bushkill
  • advertisement
  • chickens
  • envelope
  • 1870 food trademark
  • queen elizabeth
  • young abraham lincoln pictures
  • henry k wampole
  • church bingo cards

1 comment:

  1. Hi! i downloaded the Steamed up post card, it is so cute, I'm using it for my little girl's 1st bday party - it's going to be a Valentine's day themed party