Friday, February 1, 2013

Who's up for a Super Bowl smorgasbord at Sweden House?

In the United States, the Super Bowl marks a time for much eating. And this Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers is no different. Many Americans will be feasting on pizza and wings and dip during the game. But how many of you might be hitting a smorgasbord (technically, smörgåsbord) or buffet before kickoff?1

This vintage and undated postcard features Sweden House and its fine-looking smorgasbord. The back of the card states:
Every day — Hot dishes — Cool sparkling salads — World's finest smorgasbord service. Fine food and gracious dining without extravagance. Locations in Florida: Boca Raton / Bradenton / Clearwater / Disney World Area — Orlando / Ft. Lauderdale / Ft. Myers / Gainesville / Merritt Island N. Miami Beach / N. Palm Beach / Ormond Beach Plantation / South Miami / St. Petersburg / Tampa • Naperville, Illinois.
I don't think Sweden House is around any longer. There's a dearth of information about it online. Best guess is that the company went under in the mid-1980s.

Here are some links to other blogs and websites that discuss Sweden House memories:

1. For a wonderful look at the famous smorgasbords of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, check out this series of 2010 articles by my York Daily Record/Sunday News colleague, Frank Bodani.
2. One of the comments on the Ultra Swank post states: "I remember the smorgesboard [sic] in Claremont, California called Griswolds. I was a college student and would pig out on the pickled herring, in sour cream. My dad had loved it too, but wouldn't let us eat much as it was very expensive in the little jars. Still love that stuff. I guess it is no longer around, but where is a good Swedish restaurant?"

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