Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Postcrossing card from Hong Kong: Another fan of history and language

Sender: Joanna in Hong Kong

Message: "Warm greetings from Hong Kong! Being an editor was once my dream. I enjoy reading a lot and I am sure we both appreciate the beauty of languages and words much! We call USA 美国 in Chinese. ... Hong Kong is a self-governing city of China, it was once the colony of the Great Britain and therefore the city develops as an international cosmopolitan one. You can find cuisines from all around the world here! I really enjoy your blog, please keep it amazing!!! (I love history.) PS. The card reminds me of fairyland, hope you like it."

Joanna also uses about five smiley faces and three hearts on her super-sweet postcard. And I promise I did not ask her to say those things about Papergreat, so I will definitely keep working to make it "amazing."

Joanna's wonderful postcard is certainly a different kind of "Shoe House" than the one we have here in York County, the Haines Shoe House.

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