Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Surely, anyone who was a kid from 1975-1985 remembers these1

These two items are featured in the 1977 Matchbox catalog.

First up is the Collectors Carry Case, the top-of-the line luggage for you car collection. These were for the truly cool kids in the neighborhood. Remember, though: Models are not included!

And then there was the Matchbox Garage, complete with Shell branding. It was essentially the next step up for older boys who had to grow up and leave the awesome Fisher Price Garage behind.

(Let's admit it, though. The Matchbox garage was cool. But you forever longed to get your Fisher Price Garage back from your younger sibling.)

1. I'm sorry. I'll stop calling you Shirley.
2. Sarah, now 13, is still a big fan of Matchbox cars. My wife wrote about the toys that have had a lasting impact for her on Our School at Home.

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