Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1945 ink blotter for mayoral candidate Charles F. "Jeff" Sullivan

Today is the day of the municipal primaries in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.1 So I thought this would be an appropriate piece of ephemera to highlight. It's a 1945 ink blotter touting Charles F. "Jeff" Sullivan's second bid to be elected mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts.2

His campaign was successful, and Sullivan served as Worcester's mayor from 1946 to 1949. During his time in office, he helped to develop the city's airport, had the streets blacktopped, and reorganized the pension system.

He went on to become the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.

But around 1953, according to Wikipedia, "Sullivan retired from politics and opened up a liquor store."

So there.

I guess that truly made him "A Man of the People and for the People..."

1. It is also, more importantly, my eighth wedding anniversary! Joan and I will be taking a short, mid-week trip to celebrate. Because I'll be out of town, this is the first in a series of quickie posts I finished in advance. So that you can still get your daily ephemera fix.
2. How do you pronounce Worcester? This College of the Holy Cross page is here to help.

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