Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two more 19th century cabinet cards from Reading, Pennsylvania

On the heels of Papergreat's May 8 post — "How a gentleman should properly pose himself in a fake setting" — here are two more 19th century cabinet cards (probably circa 1890) from separate photographers in Reading, Pennsylvania.

This first one is from the New York Gallery, which was featured the other day. It shows a man and a woman (presumably they are husband and wife) and there are no identifications anywhere on the photograph.

This second cabinet card is from Strunk, Artistic Photographer, who was located at 730 Penn Street in Reading.1 In this one, we again find the man in a chair and the woman standing next to him. And, again, there are no identifications scrawled anywhere on the front or back.

The backs of the cards are also quite ornate. You can click on the image below to see greater detail.

1. This photographer's full name was John D. Strunk, and you can browse numerous other (fabulous) cabinet cards that he produced on The Cabinet Card Gallery.

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