Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#20: Ginza Tokyu Hotel guest room (Postcard Blogathon 2013)

Title: Guest room
Caption on back of card: "Ginza Tokyu Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. 450 ROOMS with private bath, shower and radio. The GINZA TOKYU HOTEL is the most up-to-date, entirely air-conditioned and soundproof establishment in the very heart of Tokyo. It also provides the utmost in comfort, convenience and gracious living, as well as all the facilities of a first class hotel."
Publisher: None listed.
Year: None listed.
Used: No.

Comments: To follow up on the previous post, here's a postcard from the same era that shows that Americans weren't the only ones chasing the dollars that Americans suddenly had to spend on travel and recreation. This hotel in Japan was clearly banking on English-speaking tourists flocking to Tokyo and needing comfortable, Western-style accommodations.

I've written extensively about the Ginza Tokyu Hotel before. Here are those previous posts:

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  1. The bedspread is designed to hide all sorts of dubious stains.