Saturday, June 8, 2013

Colorful 1953 advertisement for Jubilee Kitchen Wax

This 60-year-old advertisement comes from the April 1953 issue of Woman's Day magazine. It claims that Johnson's Jubilee Kitchen Wax has a "magic blend of detergents and wax":
"What an idea! What a work-saver! Johnson's new Jubilee is a wonderful blend of detergents and wax in one handy bottle! Just wipe Jubilee on with a damp cloth. Fingerprints, dirt, greasy cooking films disappear. Then buff lightly with a clean cloth. You leave a lustrous protective coat of wax!"
Don't believe the advertising copy? Then check out this vintage (and slightly creepy) television advertisement:

Apparently, this was a very popular cleaning product. So popular, in fact, that it's made a comeback in the past year or so.

The Vermont Country Store came out with a product called Old-Fashioned Kitchen Wax, specifically marketed to people who liked Jubilee. In fact, the illustration of the woman on their bottles looks a little bit like the woman in this 1953 magazine advertisement.

Not to be outdone, Malco Products licensed Jubilee Kitchen Wax from SC Johnson earlier this year and is now selling a slightly modified version1 of the original product in cases of 12 bottles for $45.

Retro Renovation reported on the relaunch of Jubilee earlier this year and had an in-depth and well-read post that received more than 100 comments from readers happy to see their beloved kitchen wax back on the market.2

You can also now buy single bottles of the new version of Jubilee Kitchen Wax from Gracious Home.

With that kind of staying power, maybe it does have a little magic in it.

1. A Malco Products representative told Retro Renovation: "As far as the formula goes, it is the original formula but we did have to change one raw material that was no longer available and made the product VOC compliant."
2. More than 100 comments on a single post? I am soooo jealous.

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