Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#5: A sweet message to "Dearest" (Postcard Blogathon 2013)

Title: "Deerfield, Mass. Old Frary House, Built 1698"
Publisher: Not listed.
Year: Not listed.
Used: Yes. (Written on, but not mailed.)

Comments: The Frary House (which is actually believed to date to around 1750, not 1698) is certainly interesting. But what makes this postcard a keeper is the fading cursive inscription on the back:
Where we spent a delightful hour, well chaperoned. I was in love with you then, but I was afraid to let you know it.
* * *
Papergreat's Chris Otto is spending June 5, 2013, blogging as many vintage postcards as possible. It's "The Fast and Furious" (and hopefully also "The Fun") for ephemera lovers and deltiologists. Read all of the posts starting here.

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