Friday, July 5, 2013

Great links: Vincent Price's travels and St. Elsewhere history

Here are two neat things for you to check out on this holiday Friday...

Vincent Price 1928 travel diary

London-based writer Peter Fuller is blogging excerpts from the fascinating travel diary that a teenage Vincent Price kept during his "Seven Capitals of Europe" trip in 1928.

Regarding the trip, Vincent said, "Whoever wrote the propaganda for Tour 22 had written just for me. The sights which would be covered were my dreams come true. Where other tours included famous battlefields and natural phenomena, likes rocks which look like ladies fast asleep, Tour 22 was heavy on the churches and museums, with just enough enticing treats to mysteries like the Catacombs outside Rome and castles like Chillon."

Fuller will be updating the blog with Vincent's travels over the summer. Here are the first few posts.
Be sure to bookmark Fuller's blog to follow along with upcoming posts.

The St. Elsewhere Experience

Daniel Butterfield has, hands down, the best St. Elsewhere resource on the Internet. Recently, after much procrastination on my part, I sent him photocopies of my issues of "On Call," the St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club newsletter that was published by James L. Longworth Jr. of Longworth Communications in the late 1990s.

Since he received them, Daniel has been doing the thankless job of retyping all of the great information from the newsletters and posting it on his blog, so that more people can have access to it. It's a huge task, but one fueled by his love of the great 1980s television show.

Here are some of his recent posts:
To see all of the posts he's done so far from the newsletter, check out the "On Call" subsection of his blog.

And just check out The St. Elsewhere Experience in general, for all of its great content. One of my favorite recent entries was "Retcon Alert! Father McCabe Is Alive and Well and Living in Arizona."

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  1. Thanks so much, Chris, for the shout-out, and even more for sending me your copies of On Call!

    This has refueled my creative juices re: St. Elsewhere, and I'm looking forward to getting the other six posted. And the work isn't thankless--it's a pleasure!