Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More utter goodness from the 1865 Philadelphia Inquirer, Part 2

Some crime and punishment for you this evening from the August 29, 1865, edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer...

PLEA OF INNOCENCE. — Jeremiah Townsend, who absconded with $110,000, the property of the Townsend Savings Fund, of New Haven, Connecticut, it is alleged, has entered a plea of not guilty to four separate complaints. It will be remembered that the accused was pursued and arrested in Liverpool by Detective Carlin, of this city, by whom he was brought safely to his former quarters. The prisoner has been bound over in an aggregate of $25,000 to appear and in September next.

[Whoa. That's quite an (alleged) heist. A sum of $110,000 in 1865 is about $1.6 million today.]

* * *

SUNDAY FIGHTING. — On Sunday afternoon a large crowd of men and boys assembled on a brick yard in the First Ward to witness a prize fight. The police appeared and the assemblage scattered. The police gave chase, and at Thirteenth and Federal streets captured James Mullin, who is alleged to have been one of the principals. The prisoner was committed by Alderman Lutz.

* * *

LARCENY OF MONEY. — Yesterday afternoon John A. Campbell was arrested at Dock street wharf on the charge of attempting to rob a man named John Thompson of $300. The evidence showed that Mr. Thompson was counting his money in the street, when he was approached by the accused, who snatched the amount from his hands and ran off. He was pursued by the police and overtaken. After a hearing before Alderman Butler, the defendant was held to answer for the offense.

[$300 is the equivalent of $4,400 today. What was he doing standing near a wharf, counting that kind of money?]

* * *

SLIGHT FIRE. — Last evening, a slight fire occurred in the dwelling house No. 1009 Nectarine street. The fire originated by some children playing with matches, who set fire to a lot of bedding.

[Nectarine Street is within what is now known as the Logan Square neighborhood of Philadelphia.]

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