Monday, October 28, 2013

Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine: Schnitz and knepp recipe on old napkin

This old napkin, found inside a recipe binder, includes a recipe and other information about the Pennsylvania Dutch dish called "schnitz and knepp." (It's also referred to as schnitz un knepp and schnitz un gnepp.)

I suppose it was kind of a novelty thing, but I have no idea why you would print a recipe that is presumably for keeping on something as fragile as a napkin. This one survived, at least.

The traditional recipe's main ingredients, as you can see, are ham, brown sugar and dried apples, which are then mixed in with the knepp (flour dumplings). The schnitz applies can also be eaten as a standalone snack.

I mentioned schnitz un gnepp in passing in this August 2012 post about a Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook. For a much deeper look at this traditional dish, though, I recommend these posts on my wife's Only in York County blog:

Finally, the only clue we have about who made this napkin is this small logo in the corner. Any leads regard who produced this and when would be greatly appreciated!

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