Thursday, January 30, 2014

FOVA #17: Atmore's Mince Meat

Is that boy coming out of the pie?!?

Magazine: The Ladies' Home Journal
Date: November 1919
Company: Atmore & Son, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Product: Atmore's Mince Meat
Text: Really Thick Mince Pies! There's no pride or pleasure in a pie unless it makes the mouth water — unless its goodness fulfills your expectations. Mouth-melting pies of this sort are made with Atmore's Mince Meat. Sun-Maid Seedless Raisins and Fruits in Atmore's expand and absorb the rich juices. Your oven produces a thick pie that's a revelation. Housewives: insist on Atmore's. No sugar or "extras" needed. Atmore's Old-Fashioned Wet Mince Meat (sold in bulk) needs no mixing. ... Try Atmore's Philadelphia Plum Pudding.

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