Friday, May 9, 2014

Old receipt from Wallick's Garage in eastern York County

Here's an old receipt from Wallick's Garage, which was located a half mile east of "Hellam." (Here in York County, the tiny borough of HALLAM, named after the English township of Hallamshire, is surrounded by the larger municipality of HELLAM Township. So, as you can imagine, there are many instances of people using Hallam and Hellam interchangeably and incorrectly. It was one of those little style points we had to learn to employ correctly at the York Daily Record.)

Wallick's Garage offered:
  • Day and night service
  • Chevrolets
  • Used cars
  • Tydol gas and oil
  • General repairing
  • Washing and greasing

If I'm reading the cursive writing on this receipt correctly, it's dated August 27, 1953, and is for a customer named Barley.

Barley's car presumably needed a new drive shaft at a cost of $11.37. That would be the equivalent of about $98 today. Does that sound about right to those of you with more automotive knowledge than me (which would be nearly everyone)?

And the $4 charged for labor would be the equivalent of about $34 today, bringing the total bill to $15.37 ($132 in modern dollars).

This receipt, with its lovely artwork at the top, was made by Metro Printing Service of Newark, New Jersey.

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