Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wonderful Book Cover: "The House of the Seven Flies"

  • Title: The House of the Seven Flies
  • Author: Victor Canning
  • Cover illustrator: Sadly, unknown. (I can't read the signature at the bottom. And I cannot find an online source that lists the illustrator of this edition. Any help out there? This artist needs credit.)
  • Publisher: The M.S. Mill Co. and William Morrow & Company, New York
  • Year: 1952 (Book Club Edition)
  • Notes: Before its publication as a book, this tale was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post. ... The cover shown above is the U.S. first edition. ... For a look at the other covers, check out this website, which is maintained by John Higgins. ... On that site, Higgins provides this tantalizing tidbit: "A notebook has survived which includes Canning's notes made while visiting Holland to research this book. He is fascinated by Dutch names and dress styles, and meticulous about transcribing public notices and official titles." ... This novel has been adapted for the radio and was also made in a poorly reviewed 1959 film that was retitled The House of the Seven Hawks. ... Another good source of information about the novel and the film is Dan Stumpf, writing on Mystery*File.

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