Friday, July 18, 2014

What new fiction are you reading this summer?

So many books!

I spent just a scant few minutes shuffling around a brick-and-mortar bookstore earlier this week, and it seems like the quality of the summer reading selections is quite high.

Pictured at right are some of the novels that piqued my interest when I read their dust-jacket descriptions.

A colorful tale of an isolated bookshop in the Welsh countryside. ... A woman inherits a mystery-filled old house outside London. ... A blind French girl and a German boy have their paths collide in occupied France during World War II. ... A 19th century tale of writers, high society and deadly games in England. ... A supernatural thriller that spans 200 years and is a race against time.

I'll leave it to you to match up the descriptions above with the books pictured at right. If you're as curious as I was and love to browse, you'll have fun figuring it all out and will probably lose yourself for a half-hour or more.

Meanwhile, some other new novels and story collections that are not pictured here but have caught my attention include:

What new fiction are you reading this summer? Let me know in the comments section or send a Tweet to @papergreat. (I might tackle new non-fiction next week, which is why I'm specifying fiction now.)

And what novel are you most looking forward to in the second half of 2014? For me, it's The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, which is due out in early September.

Now all we need is a month off to sit at the beach, or perhaps in a cabin in the woods, and read all of this great stuff!

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