Sunday, July 13, 2014

Come listen to Rev. Hess, and don't forget Martha's coat!

Here's an odd postcard from September 1907 that features an illustration of a hobo-type character sniffing out the chow at a nearby cookout.

The message on the front of the card isn't the easiest thing to read, but it looks like it states:
Come down Sunday and E. W. M. W. M. W. and I will take you & Florence to here Rev. Hess preach. Bring Martha's coat along. I have Mother's soap [?]. Tillie was to see Mary yesterday they were at [indecipherable]. She is going up to-day. She is getting come [some?] grapes of her farmer.1 Come Sat. evening if you can.
The postcard was mailed to Miss Anna R. White of Richland Center, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community located a bit east of Quakertown.

We have no way, of course, of knowing if Anna remembered Martha's coat.

1. Before this post was published, there were no Google results in a search for the exact phrase "grapes of her farmer." So I've contributed that today, at least.

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