Saturday, September 27, 2014

Button for a Cocalico High School Bleacher Bum

I reckon this can qualify as ephemera, right? It's fairly flat. ... It's a blue-and-white button, about 3½ inches wide, for Cocalico Senior High School here in Denver, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

"I'M AN OFFICIAL BLEACHER BUM" is printed on the button along with the Eagle logo of Cocalico athletics.

I'd guess this dates to the 1980s. It appears to have been produced by a company called either Universal School Promotion or Universal School Promotions.

Do you collect buttons? When I was a student at Penn State, we picked up blue-and-white football buttons each week from a local bank. I kept them for years (in an envelope, of course), but don't have them anymore. Don't really miss them, either. Guess I'm not a button guy.

Here are some websites about button collecting...

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