Monday, October 6, 2014

First grade Saint Peter's classroom photo from 1955

Here, for your Monday morning enjoyment, is the first grade class photo from Saint Peter's in 1955. The shot was taken by The Palomar Studios of Chicago, so I'm assuming that Saint Peter's is (or was) located somewhere in northeastern Illinois.

This was only 59 years ago, so your homework for the week, gang, is to track down someone who appears in this picture. Use the power of social media and networking. I have faith in you!

It's truly a fantastic photograph, and one that you can appreciate even more if you zoom in and start looking at some of the faces and other details of the high-resolution image (which you can do by clicking on it).

Here are some magnifications I made of parts of the photograph...

Missing teeth. Lovely smiles. And someone caught itching her nose.

White shirts. Some bowties. Amusing mixture of expressions.

Someone didn't get the memo about wearing a white shirt.

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