Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scholastic Fest: #17, Mystery of The Haunted Pool

  • Title: Mystery of The Haunted Pool
  • Author: Phyllis A. Whitney (1903-2008)
  • Cover design: Charles Liese
  • Publisher: Scholastic Book Services
  • Year: Third printing, February 1967
  • Text on back cover:
    "A string of carved wooden beads...
    A ship captain's log...
    A strange face that appears — then disappears — at the bottom of a pool.
    What is the secret of the old sea captain's mains?
    Susan Price and her brother Adam unravel the clues to a century-old mystery ... and discover a fortune!"
  • Notes: Whitney, whose full name was Phyllis Ayame Whitney, is the most famous author that we've encountered thus far in the Scholastic countdown. She penned mysteries for both adults and young adults during her career, which featured more than 70 novels. And, yes, your math is correct. Whitney lived to be 104 — two years longer than Ruth Manning-Sanders (1886-1988)! ... This novel, which runs 219 pages in Scholastic Book Services paperback format, was originally published in 1960 and won an Edgar Award (named for Edgar Allan Poe) from the Mystery Writers of America for best juvenile novel. ... Read more about Whitney at this official website, which is maintained by Philip Tyo, who writes: "Over the years Phyllis A. Whitney's books have brought reading pleasure to me and my family. ... The Official PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY Web site gives me the opportunity to give something back to my favorite author and to meet those of you who share the same affection for her work." ... Mystery of The Haunted Pool opens with a chapter titled "Something Fishy Going On." ... Cover designer Liese did other work for Scholastic, including illustrations for several volumes of The Three Investigators (one of my childhood favorites), according to

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