Monday, November 24, 2014

1915 postcard: "What the matter with you."

This postcard, which was made in Germany, was mailed to Mr. Albert Reed of Bridgeport, Connecticut, in May 1915. The note states:
"Dear Friend, I was supprise to hear that you was away from New London. What the matter with you. From Mary Cable."
New London and Bridgeport, both coastal cities, are only about 65 miles apart. But apparently this was enough distance to cause some consternation for Mary. What was the matter with Albert?

There's a little hole on the right side of the postcard. There used to be an extra piece attached there. (A star, I imagine.) You could spin it downward to reveal the "I'm lonely without you" portion of the message on the front.

Here's what a similar postcard of this type would have looked like. (Found this image on the Internet.)

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