Friday, December 19, 2014

1912 Christmas postcard mailed to a place called Foltz, Pennsylvania

This card was postmarked the morning of December 23, 1912, in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. It was sent to a Mrs. Emma Berger in Foltz, Pennsylvania. Waynesboro and Foltz are both located in Franklin County. So, presumably, the postal workers knew precisely where to send this letter. But it would seem that Foltz has fallen a bit "off the radar" during the past century. The website Roadside Thoughts, a gazetteer documenting the current and past communities of the United States and Canada, notes only the following: "At this time, we have very little information about Foltz. We found a mention of this community during our research. Although we've added it to our Gazetteer, we have few details."

There were many individuals with the last name Foltz in Franklin County, southcentral Pennsylvania, and elsewhere in the 19th century. See, for example, this genealogy site and this genealogy site.

The note on the back of this colorful postcard states:
"Christmas Greetings to you all. did Myra get home all right — sorry we can't come this time
Love to all.
I guess we'll never know if, indeed, Myra got home all right.

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