Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday's postcard #2: "Greetings from New Bloomfield, PA"

  • Title: Greetings from New Bloomfield, PA
  • Caption on back of card: None.
  • Publisher: NYCE?
  • Year: None listed.
  • Used: Yes.
  • Comments: These old linen postcards came printed with "Greetings from" followed by the name of every city, town, village and hamlet imaginable. The colorful scenes of country roads and automobiles were generic and not specific to the area that the "Greetings from" were coming from. ... So this one sends greetings from New Bloomfield, which is a tiny borough of about 1,000 people in Perry County, Pennsylvania. According to Wikipedia, "The official name of the borough is Bloomfield. However the United States Postal Service, presumably to avoid confusion with the neighborhood of Pittsburgh which is also named Bloomfield, refers to the area as 'New Bloomfield.'" ... The postcard is described as part of the "'NYCE' Quality Colored Landscape Locals" series on the back. There was a NYCE Manufacturing Co. in Vernfield, Pennsylvania, that made postcards. (Vernfield is an unincorporated place near another unincorporated place, Harleysville, in Montgomery County. Seems that's an area that would be worth some more investigation.) ... This postcard was mailed to Mrs. Lester Bean of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1955, with the following punctuation-free note:
    "Hi Mom
    Well I am up here in the mountains again it is nice up here See you Sunday to get up on the news around there
    'Mom' Mamma"
    ... The postcard was mailed with a red, two-cent Thomas Jefferson stamp. ... Blank "Greetings from" postcards, by the way, are excellent to use for requesting Summer Tickets to the Late Show at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

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