Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday's postcard #3: 1967 Oldsmobile Custom Vista-Cruiser

  • Title: 1967 Oldsmobile Custom Vista-Cruiser
  • Caption on back of card: Same as the front.
  • Publisher: None listed.
  • Year: None listed, but 1967 would make sense, no?
  • Used: No.
  • Comments: The only other identifying information on the back of this postcard is "Litho U.S.A. 25-B-114." Plugging that into Google gets a big whiff. Presumably this was a promotional postcard used by Oldsmobile and/or auto dealers. ... The Vista-Cruiser, which was about as long as a Star Destroyer, was produced by GM's Oldsmobile division from 1964 until 1977, according to Wikipedia. Maybe your family had one? The 1967 model was part of the "First Generation." ... Here's a YouTube video by Miguel Caparros that shows off the 1967 vehicle (ski family not included)...

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