Sunday, August 16, 2015

Some "From the Readers" and some links to great reading

It's been a fairly light summer in terms of reader comments here on Papergreat. Some of that, of course, is certainly the result of my reduced posting frequency in 2015.

So here's the latest small batch of reader comments, plus some links to great things to read around the web on this sweltering August day here in Pennsylvania.

A label for Frostie Root Beer (a jailhouse-born beverage): Rosemary Paul writes: "I grew up in Monessen, Pennsylvania, where my dad worked in the steel mill. Every payday, we would get to go to this small drive-in type place. It was called Frosties and the sign was exactly like Frostie himself. When you ordered a root beer float (my favorite) it would come in a boot mug and you got to keep the boot mug. Between my brother and I, we must have had 12 of those mugs! I still love Frostie and buy it whenever I see it. But here in the South, I cannot find it anywhere. That drive-in is long gone now, as are the mills and my parents, but Frosties root beer is still with us."

Thank you so much for sharing your memories, Rosemary! Does anyone else have memories of Frostie Root Beer, Monessen, or the root beer floats served in a boot mug?

Guy Brown Wiser, artist and World War I aviator: BroHogan writes: "Old thread, I know, but I had to write this. Guy Brown Wiser illustrated a 1940 science book How and Why Discoveries. I read and reread that book many times as a kid. Today 50 years later I still remember the illustrations. They made such an impression that I recently bought a used copy of that book. It was wonderful to look through it again and there wasn't an illustration that I didn't remember. They were the most illustrative illustrations that I have ever seen."

Indeed, the books we fall in love with during our childhood are the best books of all!

Ye Olde Papergreat Post No. 1,600, con pollo: Joan writes: "This makes me THE MOST HAPPY."

Psychogeography snapshot from the City of York: Joan writes: "I love this a ton. Randomly, yesterday, we happened on a 'poetry garden' in an alley in downtown York and I decided to take a photo. ... And I didn't even know that was called something!"

Great links for your reading pleasure

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