Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ephemera for Lunch #10:
P. Fleischner & Co.

This Victorian trade card doesn't have any information on the back, so we can only go by what's listed on the front — P. Fleischner & Co., Favorite Ladies' Shopping Resort, 208 North 8th St.

No city is listed, but a little searching indicates that this "Resort" was located in Philadelphia. The company ran advertisements in The Times of Philadelphia in December 1879, urging readers to do all their Christmas shopping there.

The advertising and horseshoe didn't bring much luck, as it appears the store didn't last very long. A short blurb in the February 1, 1881, edition of The American Bookseller states:
"M.H. Pulaski, of the firm Guggenheim & Pulaski, of Philadelphia, has offered the creditors of P. Fleischner & Co., of that city, thirty cents on the dollar in notes at six months, and the committee appointed by the creditors has recommended that the offer be accepted, as they believe this is more than can be obtained in any other way."

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  1. I can see why they were unsuccessful. The horseshoe should always be hung up as a "U" or the luck will run out.